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September 20, 2012

Rain days

rain day

Tuesday night was so gorgeous and clear that if I hadn't taken this photo I would have completely forgotten it was so stormy and gray earlier. Our park date was rained out so we ended up at an indoor jump center. Ivy didn't mind. As long as she got to wear her rainboots.

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As seen on Ivy...

dress- Tea Collection (they are having a favorites sale right now through today- buy 3 Tea Favorites and get 20% off with code FAVE3 - buy 4 get 30% off with code FAVE4 - buy 5 get 40% off with code FAVE5!)
sweater- Noppies from Zulily
tights & boots- Target

May 24, 2012

better than

Ivy & Noah

We hung out at the park while Carter had baseball practice last night. I needed the air and it was good. I just typed god by accident and it was that, too. I totally hogged the big swing and closed my eyes for a long time. It was better than yoga.

Gray & Hedgie

We were climbing in the car to go when I saw Gray put on a too-small shirt (it had already been passed down to Ivy but I guess he was out of short sleeves.) We share around here.

gray, ivy, noah at park

As seen on Ivy & Gray and Noah:

  • Ivy's top & shorts are handmedowns, Gymboree and Old Navy; shoes via the mini social
  • Gray's shirt & pants are by Tea Collection, who by the way is having a big sale now until Memorial Day- $10 tees & leggings, $15 dresses. I might have stocked up a bit. Especially on short sleeves. 
  • Noah's tee & pants are thrifted, Abercrombie and Gymboree; sunglasses- small paul for Target

January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012


Less than a moment after this photo was taken, snow flurries came out of nowhere. 

We spent the day at my parents and yes we all ate black-eyed peas, and stuffed peppers. The dog peed and Gray got his pants wet and spent almost the entire time we were there in the bathroom. The first hour or so we sorta forgot he was in there. In my defense, I was playing the longest game of checkers, ever, with Carter.

And when we put Gray's pants in the wash he had said, "besides, I had to go number two anyway." So I kind of thought he was still going to the bathroom. We found him just sitting in there in his underwear staring at the wall. Noah gave him his DS to play with until his pants were finally dry. Then he came out of the bathroom and we went home.

Psst- Gray's pants (and his shirt, and Ivy's dress) are from Tea Collection, of course, and they have a huge sale starting today. Take an additional 25% off all sale items with code 25OFFSALE . Had to share. Tea has been our fave since Grayson was a baby.

November 10, 2011



It might snow today! And yesterday we just about blew away it was so windy. It was also Ivy's last library class of the year, and afterward we zoomed up to Chicago for a quick errand and then stopped at Mommal's on our way home. I kept a good eye on those clouds the whole time.


Ivy's already off to Grandma's this morning and I'm headed straight to the knitting shop to get new yarn so I can make my sweet girl some leg warmers. I hope to snuggle in with a good movie and my needles. What do you have planned for today?


As seen on Ivy...


As always, my small style posts feature items that have been purchased by me unless otherwise noted.

*ED: sweet etsy shop owner wanted to offer a discount to my readers!

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September 29, 2011

Round and round

small style - gray & ivy

I think I look forward most to this post each week. I just love small style and am so thankful to have found Morgan at Mama Loves Papa. I also love that after almost six years of blogging that I still can't wait to write here.


This past weekend we had a family reunion at a park, with a big playground and fishing.


Before I forget, I've noticed in the past week or so that if I casually and loosely leave my hand out to my side, Ivy will grab it and hang on. But if I force her to hold my hand (say in a parking lot or somewhere to keep her safe) she resists it. This small act speaks so many silent words, and reminds me so much of myself. So much.


on ivy for this week's small style...

ribbed tee- tea collection
dress- tea collection
pants- h & m
boots- target

on gray- tea collection & target pants
on noah- target

P.S.almost all of my tea collection purchases are through my affiliate link and paid for by myself (I just placed a huuuuuge order a couple weeks ago which includes what Gray & Ivy are wearing here.)

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September 8, 2011

Small Style: Jacket Weather

apparently we like green

We had a cold spell this week which was totally awesome but also had me scrambling because I really didn't do any "back to school" shopping yet. I mean, just because the kids start school doesn't mean that they should automatically start wearing jeans and sweatshirts - it's still summer here! Their summer duds were working just fine until I could figure out what still fit from last year. And then those fall clouds rolled in. Aren't they beautiful though?

I spent the entire morning rifling through boxes and boxes of past years' clothes and hand-me-downs. Then I sorted out all that was outgrown and not use-able (hand-me-downs don't apply to Gray since he hates tags and the tag-free stuff didn't start until recent years, and also, I pretty much can only buy him tea collection. But anyway.) I took two enormous bins to Once Upon A Child and while they were figuring out what they wanted to buy from me I shopped Noah & Carter's sizes. I found a ton. I was hoping to break even or not have to pay too much out of pocket. When it was all said and done, they paid me $5 difference. That was awesome.

As for Ivy's clothes, I have been thinking about selling hers online via ebay or something like that. She has so many adorable things that I would love to see appreciated (lots of misha lulu, mini boden, tea collection, etsy finds, etc) and also if I can make a little money to buy more cute things that wouldn't be so bad either. I am considering linking to it from here but am not sure yet. Do you have any opinions on the matter?


this week's small style...

on gray: old navy jacket from many years ago, target pants, keen shoes

on carter: old navy sweatshirt that is too small but he insists on wearing it anyway, old navy pants

on noah: lands' end sweatshirt* that he picked out of the catalog before I even found out they wanted to send us some items from their fall collection. it's super soft and crazy cool, dogwood pants

on ivy: gymboree sweatshirt I found on clearance earlier this year, tea collection dress + gypsy pants

she's really into whispering secrets lately

[linking up as always with our love small style at mama loves papa.]   

*Lands' End sent Noah the sweatshirt for mention here on my blog. Right now they have up to 40% off the back to school collection, and boots &; shoes are 30% off with code SHOESALE and pin 1105.

August 25, 2011

Poncho! Poncho! [Tea Collection Giveaway]


I am seriously so excited that ponchos are coming back in. I've been searching for the perfect knitting pattern to make one for Ivy and myself. I couldn't resist snatching up the Dulce Sarape Poncho from Tea Collection (btw you already know we are huge fans and have long been buying Tea Kids Clothes before I even started a blog, and most of the Tea "As Seen On Ivy" and Gray is out of our own pockets (and absolutely worth every penny in quality alone, not to mention style.)

Tea did let me choose some items from their new fall collection and I dove right in.


The first time I put the skinny stretch jeans on Ivy I almost fell over from the cute. (Honestly I was skeptical that they would even fit but oh my goodness they fit well! And are adorable!)

skinny jeans

She claims the cape makes her a "batman princess". Go for it, baby girl.


More from Tea Collection:
Girls Clothes
Women's Clothing 


Win! Check out Tea Collection and leave a comment below if you'd like to be entered to win $75 to spend.
  • "Like" Tea Collection on Facebook for an additional entry (leave another comment letting me know).
  • Like this post on Facebook ("like" button at the bottom!) for an additional entry (leave another comment letting me know).

I'll choose a winner at random from the comments next Friday September 2nd!

Congrats to winner Laura Seymour!

Tea Collection provided clothing for this post and a $75 Tea Collection gift certificate to give away. 
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