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October 4, 2011

The letting of the go

[The following is a sponsored post about an interesting patent-pending product. I do hope you'll view the video below and chime in with your thoughts in this conversation.]

Just yesterday Noah came in from playing in the neighbor's yard, the sky nearing night, and I told him he couldn't go back out. But we were playing CSI! They don't have to go in yet, MOOOOMMMM. Okay, honestly? I was so excited that he had friends and was outside playing that I let him go for ten more minutes. Not even thinking to ask wait, hey, how do you play CSI anyway?

So, like many mothers, I'm kind of playing it by ear... this whole parenting thing and the letting of the go. Which has been fine so far for me- I go with my gut! Listen to my heart. Respect their feelings and dreams and omg they grow up and soon are farther out of reach. I'm now texting his cell phone to say "time to come home" because he's farther than my voice can carry from the front door.

I delight in Noah and his emerging independence. But I do not know what lies ahead for him as a growing person, and me as a growing parent.

The video below is, well, sobering.

Those statistics are real no matter if you think it applies to your child or not. As a mom who wants to be able to talk openly and honestly with my kids (sounds so easy right now when my oldest is ten), including the desire to respect their privacy and development of good choices on their own, I kinda like the idea of a remote alcohol monitoring product like Soberlink.

Jeff and I watched and discussed it together. His concerns were that Soberlink is quite invasive, and stressed the consideration of our child's feelings and trust as a top priority. He wonders how it would effect our relationship with the kids if we say we trust them but then tell them to prove it with such a device. We prefer to trust them until they give us a reason to not trust. Then, only after that trust is broken we would absolutely consider something like Soberlink, with good reason.

Of course it's important to note that the legal drinking age doesn't include teenagers at all. So, I don't intend to give the impression that I condone the idea of letting teenagers drink alcohol responsibly. But a good conversation starter? Yes. Even if just between you as parents, especially if your child is too young to really consider a device like this or you assume it will never be an issue with your kids.

Hmmm. Your thoughts?
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