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January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012


Less than a moment after this photo was taken, snow flurries came out of nowhere. 

We spent the day at my parents and yes we all ate black-eyed peas, and stuffed peppers. The dog peed and Gray got his pants wet and spent almost the entire time we were there in the bathroom. The first hour or so we sorta forgot he was in there. In my defense, I was playing the longest game of checkers, ever, with Carter.

And when we put Gray's pants in the wash he had said, "besides, I had to go number two anyway." So I kind of thought he was still going to the bathroom. We found him just sitting in there in his underwear staring at the wall. Noah gave him his DS to play with until his pants were finally dry. Then he came out of the bathroom and we went home.

Psst- Gray's pants (and his shirt, and Ivy's dress) are from Tea Collection, of course, and they have a huge sale starting today. Take an additional 25% off all sale items with code 25OFFSALE . Had to share. Tea has been our fave since Grayson was a baby.

December 30, 2011

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

So, six years ago today I began this blog. I had totally planned to write up a post about all the things I've seen come my way since then --homebirths and blog conferences and life events like that, how I've grown and changed, but that's all in my archives. I'm into looking forward instead of behind. Neat that we're approaching a new year, because I'm ready. So ready. 

I'm really glad I arrived here so long ago, and am thankful it still feels like home.

Oh, and we're celebrating with family and friends this New Year's Eve. It's going to be awesome. 

January 1, 2011


Happy New Year

This is what our night looked a little bit like... the kids stayed up past 1 am!

Happy New Year

And I'm hoping Love didn't really take a zillion photos and videos of us (including our husbands... especially our husbands!) playing Just Dance on the wii, for hours.

We were so into it we almost missed ringing in the New Year. 

Now that's living. 

That's awesome. 

[And I  have a feeling that's what this year is going to be all about.]

December 30, 2010

Things I said in 2010

write them down

"Noah set fire to French toast sticks in the microwave and I threw them in the yard." (Let me tell you about my day.


quite the confession about being a good mom but a bad wife


innocence and breastfeeding 


the story behind the moustache on a stick.

Also, somewhere in my blog closet I mentioned how I want to attend blog conferences and events when it's right for my family and I thought 2011 would be ripe for all that again but... I am finding that, unless it's close to home, I won't be at any of those things I mentioned. It's still not the right season for me to be away. 

And that's okay.

clean slate

So, I'll link a few more of my faves, then you... go link your favorite posts or photos or both, below! Link away! Bon voyage, 2010!

January 2, 2010



On New Year's Day we visited my grandparents and the boys gave Ivy rides around the house on Poppal's walker. We know how to have fun.

Noah & Carter return to school on Monday. I might be praying for a snowstorm to come so that they have to close school. I just wish I could keep them home with me a little longer.

The past two weeks have been exceptionally relaxing, cozy, and fun. I don't want it to end.

Hope you've had a great start to your New Year!

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December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve: The "Better Full Than Empty" Edition

We spent the day in Chicago at the Shedd Aquarium (thanks to generous all-access passes given to me by the Shedd).

Chicago kids

I'm super glad I snapped this photo before we went inside because I didn't end up really taking much more.

We were planning to attend the family fireworks at Navy Pier that would be going on right about now. But as we were leaving the aquarium, my elderly 4-year-old complained of arthritis in his knee (or he bumped it or something) and the older boys wanted to go home and Ivy promptly fell asleep as soon as we strapped her in the car seat.

SO, instead of dishing out another $20 for parking and then bearing the cold cold COLD, we pointed our car homeward.

And here we are.

I've got to make this quick- ice cream sundaes with ALL the fixins are up next, and then Pop Rocks for everyone before bed, to ring in the New Year together as a family.

Chicago New Year's Eve 2009

I longingly said goodbye to the city as we headed home. The lights, the snow falling ever so gently, it was all picture perfect.

Another time, another me would have ran to it with open arms. But this time, this me, her arms are already full.

Family of Six

Happy happy happy New Year, friends.

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December 30, 2008

What Are You Doing New Year's?

Every December 31st without fail I have certain goals in my head- resolutions for the New Year to come. And almost always they are great things to aspire to, but not always reasonable. And by February are long forgotten. I'm not talking about promising myself to join the gym and fit into my size 4's again (yes, I once had size 4's) sigh. I'm not talking about giving up chocolate or fast food or pop or things of that nature.

It's the stuff we might not even say outloud or write down. The things more spiritual. More life-growing and character-building.

These things have taken on a new meaning to me. In areas where I think I need to start over or be someone new, I am now seeing that I can stay me. I can take the things that I don't like or would like to improve and, well, improve them. Make it better. Fix it.

How incredibly "green" it would be to stop throwing out ourselves and just conserve. And reduce, reuse, & recycle within.

Personally, one area of myself I'd like to fix is how I see the world. I'd like to take more time to see the world how my children do. To take more moments to consider their perspective instead of my own. And the same goes for my friends. And family. As much as we are all alike, we are just that much more different.

We are going about this life, living day to day just trying to get by. Just trying to make it to the next. And somewhere in the middle is a whole lot of purpose waiting to be discovered. Parts of us ready to be used how they were meant to be. Parts that don't need to be thrown out after all- parts completely capable and deserving of being cleaned up, sharpened, fixed, and renewed.

This New Year's I'll be picking myself up, brushing the dust off, and moving forward.

Wherever that may take me.

Cross-posted at 5 Minutes For Parenting.

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December 31, 2007

A New New Year

I was looking back to one year ago and came across my New Year's post for 2007. I have confessed in the past that 2007 was a bit of a bust. Some bumpy times. But looking at my goals for the year, and now seeing how I succeeded in every one of these goals, I feel victorious!
Here's the post (and a couple little added notes), and I think that it will remain for 2008. Can only get better and brighter.

I see this new year as a blank page full of promises and possibilities.

Rather than state resolutions, I have goals similar to my prayer every night as I end my day- May I be a better wife tomorrow, a more patient mom, a more organized homemaker, effective servant of the Lord, as tomorrow is a new day.

I love a new start.

I hope for superficial things like provision to go on our vacation to Colorado this June (done). And for a new car (done!). To read more books (did that). And to become a better knitter (yes!).

I hope to grow closer to my friends, and be a better friend to them. (And who knew I'd make so many more for-sure-to-be-lifelong friends this year as well?)

I hope for my family to live a "greener" life.

I hope to get rid of extra "stuff."

Whether it be emotional or physical baggage.

And appreciate more of what is truly important.

I hope I continue to keep my eyes open for what is truly important, and never let "moments" pass by unnoticed.

I hope to not set limits or expectations, or make judgments and assumptions, and only hope to focus on what is good and true.

I hope to always know my purpose, and to put it to good use.

I hope to always look forward and not back, up and not down...

Yes, in this New Year, many treasures await...

photo credit: photographer Ashlee Allen, Nest

December 30, 2007

Adventures In Babywearing: Year In Review 2007

As I did last year, here is first sentence from the first post of each month in 2007.

I see this new year as a blank page full of promises and possibilities.

February- I am so very proud to announce the launch of my best friend Ashlee's newest endeavor, bringing style and comfort to your everyday babywearing...

I just posted one of my favorite photographs ever here.

I was shopping at Goodwill the other day with my Mom & the three boys.

What could possibly be pink at my house- the den of all boys?

I've been working on a mixed tape CD for an upcoming roadtrip.

So you all know by now that we are always trying in little & big ways to live more green.

In collaboration with the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas sharing their Childhood Dreams, I'm re-publishing this post from last year's Elementary, My Dear.

My boys looooove this.

I type with heavy fingers that are more like thick thumbs attempting to translate my hazy mind into a comprehendable blog post.

I won a gift certificate to thanks to Beth and so I purchased Veganomicon (can not wait for this to arrive!) and also officially started on my Christmas shopping.

I keep teasing hubby for saying snow snorm instead of snow storm yesterday when he was actually trying to make fun of something I had said, but anyway, we had an ice storm today and I am all prepared to be stuck in the house if necessary.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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