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September 28, 2009

There's even room for monkey.

This is my final month as a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom. And how fun for me that I get to keep my fridge [for free] in the end, which is nice because I've become quite attached. So attached that I am trying to work out my new dishwasher (oh yes I am going to get it one way or another) to be the matching one to my fridge.

monkey wants a dwink

I think it's interesting as my "test drive" comes to a close, our old fridge that was moved to the garage has become used less and less. And just today I retrieved the last item from its shelves. It now stands completely bare.

I'm surprised, as I was certain a family of my size probably couldn't do without the two refrigerators. And at the very beginning I was a bit skeptical that the Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator could fit all that we needed within its side by side doors. But, it does.

monkey in the fridge

There's even room for monkey.

Apparently I am in good company. I just learned that Jennifer Garner is Frigidaire's new celebrity ambassador for the new Make Time for CHANGE campaign, supporting the Save the Children's US Program dedicated to making a difference in children's lives.

Right now, for everyone who goes to and raises a hand with a pledge to make time for a child, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support the CHANGE. And everyone who pledges will be entered for a chance to win a new Frigidaire Professional double wall oven!

And so, yeah, I am no Jennifer Garner, but tomorrow I will be sharing a video of me in my kitchen (ZOMIGOSHIBETTERCLEANANDTAKEASHOWER) as my final entry for Team Fridge.

Maybe I'll show you how I clean it or maybe I'll just stand there all Price Is Right Barker Beauty-like. Or maybe I should just show Ivy doing a little dance by the fridge and make everyone happy. We'll see!

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August 31, 2009

me me me it's all for meeeeee.

I am about to conquer one of the largest mountains of dirty dishes I've ever let grow in my sink (and spread to my countertop and maybe even across my stove). It's been chilly here and so I baked homemade beer bread and cookies and some other recipes I found for lunch today and we, like, EAT MEALS and there are a lot of us and so now every bowl and pan has piled up.

The boys had to use the really big spoons for their cereal today. Which they ate in fancy salad bowls.

A couple weeks ago I finally snapped and guess what? NOW I am getting a dishwasher!

My friend Love (yes that is her name isn't it lovely?) was having a big sale to raise funds to bring home her two babies from Uganda. And Sarah saw the dishwasher and they all thought of me right away!

And the best part? Ok, one of the best parts... it matches my fridge!

Think of all the time I will have now.

When Frigidaire GAVE me the Gallery refrigerator to keep (in exchange for a few posts like this one), they encouraged me to think about all the Me-Time I'd now have. I thought about how much more time I'd have to do dishes! And laundry. And straightening and picking up all the things needing picked up constantly throughout the day. And sorry I have to go there but the bathrooms... four males live in the house. I won't say more.
But really, that is NOT stuff that I think should qualify as good things to fill up with my ME time.
I've picked up my knitting needles again. I am writing more than ever. I'm reading BOOKS! And watching movies with hubby. Hanging out with friends. Lying in the grass with my camera. Star gazing during my conversations with God.
Now that is what I call Me time. What would you do in your perfect "Me time"?

But, I still like to get my chores done before I play so I better get washing. We're out of spoons.

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August 25, 2009

There's Nothing Hairy In My Fridge

Ivy and I are leaving for a two-night trip tomorrow and today I stocked up the fridge with all my boys' favorite goodies. I thought this would be a good time, too, to check in on the new Frigidaire. [For a recap, Frigidaire gave me a brand new Frigidaire Gallery to keep, in exchange for a few posts about my experience and their More Me-Time Guarantee.]

As I was putting everything away, I realized that since I've gotten the new fridge, I've been way better (
waaaaaay better) at disposing of leftovers, expired foods, moldy things... you know. (You do know, right?)

The Gallery doesn't have many blindspots, so my fridge is pretty much always clean. And since I've had it, there's not been one un-identifiable thing growing in there.

really had to get used to the way the shelves were positioned and spaced, and originally thought it was a drawback. What I have found is that it actually has the most usable shelf space compared to other counter depth side-by-side models, allowing me to keep a good inventory on everything in there which has come in very handy during my make-whatever-we-have-on-hand dinners. (Which happens a lot.)

So I just showed you the inside of my fridge! And I just might have kept some of our guilty pleasures from your view (they were in the door.) And the freezer just might be stocked with lots of convenient dinner options for Daddy to make while I am gone. I do always make sure we have lots of green and red grapes and strawberries. We eat lots of veggies & dip, too. And chips and salsa (you can see my new favorite- Mike Ditka's Beach Bum salsa (who knew?) up there.)

And, even though I just went to the store and filled this fridge and all my cabinets, I have absolutely no clue what I'm making for dinner. Oh, and I haven't even started packing either.

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June 15, 2009

Like China In My Bull Shop

There's been a slight delay in the delivery of my new fridge (the Gallery that I get to test drive and keep from Frigidaire.)

I can't say I mind the late arrival, as I've been dreading the removal of our current refrigerator that has been here since we built this house ten years ago. I don't want to imagine what might lie beneath, or behind it. And then comes the task of cleaning off the top and finding a new home for all the random important stuff junk up there.

I'm also nervous about what my other appliances might feel about this new fancy schmancy thing coming to live in our very small and modest kitchen. Will it stick out like a sore thumb? Will they all get along? Will it weep its best-in-class ice & water filtration all over the floor for being sentenced to live in such an unworthy peasant house?

And I have been wondering, since we are keeping our old fridge and putting it in the garage to use as overflow (family of six eats like that family of 19 and counting or whatever their name is this month) : Have you ever gotten a new fridge when your old one still works? How do you transfer over all the food? Do you just do it when it is delivered and the people who install it just wait for you? How long does it take the new fridge to get cold enough?

Tell me, what am I going to find underneath my fridge? And did you ever get a nicer appliance than your others? Did they revolt?

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