Hi, I'm Stephanie...

"This is a place holder, a record of my remarkable life..."

I grew up in Northwest Indiana, moved to Chicago days after graduating high school, then came back home the next year. Soon I was off to Paris for a vacation on my own and met my husband Jeff when I got home. We were in Paris together the following year for our honeymoon in 1999. 

Years go by and we have four awesome kids. In the summer of 2012 we moved to Northeast Ohio and by winter we'd suddenly be headed to the Oregon coast as Jeff became the Publisher of The World newspaper in 2013 - and now we're leaving the ocean for the mountains as he recently became the Publisher of a group of newspapers in Albany and Corvallis, Oregon.  It's been quite a ride. I love it. 

I'm babysteph on Twitter and Instagram.

What I do

I am the Online Content Manager for Listen To Your Mother. I was the director/producer of the Northwest Indiana production of Listen To Your Mother 2011 & 2012. Mostly I am the lady who drives her kids all over town to baseball, play practice, and dance.

My story
I was a writer since I could first hold a pencil but I didn't start writing online until 2001 when I had my first son. (Way back on Yahoo's Geocities!) And then just kept our family photos and events on the private Myfamily.com. After the birth of our third son Gray in the fall of 2005, I was on a new parenting journey with a more "natural" approach. I decided to start blogging and have never looked back.

I had only read one blog before starting mine- my friend Deliverance was an Expat in Scotland at the time and was blogging to keep in touch with everyone back home. So, when I came up with my title it was mainly a fun name I didn't put much thought into. I did a lot of babywearing then (and now I really miss it.)

In 2003 my oldest son was diagnosed with Doose Syndrome (Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy.) We found healing through [our faith and] the Ketogenic Diet. He is seizure-free, med-free, & ketogenic diet-free today. You can read more about Noah's story here. Also a more recent post, Surviving Epilepsy. In 2014 he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

My middle son Carter is hilarious and once upon a time he got into the cookies.

My youngest son Grayson is allergic to gluten, eggs, and nuts. He also finds shirts "too shirty." I am really hoping he outgrows all that.

My baby girl Ivy LaRue was born at home. She loves to dance and sing. 

Got a question or just want to contact me? Send me an email: stephanie.precourt [@] gmail.com

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