November 3, 2017

Waiting for the boop.

The cashier at Safeway couldn't get one of the items to scan and he goes "I'm waiting for the boop."

It was the best thing I've heard someone say in a long time.

Today I got a lot more work done in the Cougar Cave- I have a huge order to place to stock up with fun thing for the kids to buy and redeem their reward passes. It's kind of fun shopping for all this stuff. I'm also excited about how much progress we've made in getting the store fixed up. I love that I see Gray in the halls almost every time I'm there, and that he is still happy to say hi to me. I realized that if we stay here (please oh please let us never move again) then I have six years in this middle school  - as soon as Gray leaves, Ivy will be starting there. This is a worthwhile investment.

The elementary school harvest carnival was tonight and so yeah I realize that it sounds like I am always at my kids' schools. But I've discovered that it is where I want to be. I've crawled out of the dark fog that kept me house-bound for a really long time (it was probably much needed recovery time, in reality) and now I have energy and the ability to be productive and helpful. It's a good thing and because I know that there is no guarantee on how long this will last, I'm going to do it all while I can.


  1. Can't wait to see the Cougar Cave...I remember when I worked at the school and loving that you and Nate were just a hall away from me. I wouldn't trade those days for nothing...


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