November 2, 2017

Today on my way

Do you ever feel kind of sad throwing away your old contact lenses? I kind of hate to toss them... they were good to me, lasting wayyyyyy longer than the recommended wear.

Today on my way to work my middle school office shift I watched a man out on a walk with his dog and how he stood patiently on the sidewalk while his pooch sniffed a tree for the longest time. Like, this dog was sniffing for a while and all over this tree. And the man just stood there, not hurrying, not looking at his phone, just lovingly hanging out until the investigation was complete and the pup decided to move along. It was really touching.

Later I passed the sign in front of the boutique cannabis dispensary (that's what they like to be called, this one is named The Agrestic for any Weeds fans...) and the sign said: "I wonder what my dog named me."


  1. I have never needed glasses (until now no doubt: that reminds me to make an appointment!). I can't imagine putting contacts in my eyes but I imagine I'd get used to it?

  2. I couldn't love this/you more. Maybe that dog was waiting for the bloop.


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