November 7, 2017

Tiny Fracture

I was looking at some past posts on my blog and realized I am so glad I wrote those words down, and took those pictures, and why did I ever stop? I need to find my camera.

Ivy's toe has a teeny tiny fracture, but there's nothing to do about it other than baby it until it feels better. She has my high pain tolerance so she'll be just fine. She did get a dr's note to take it easy in gym which would have been the golden ticket for me when I was her age, but to her it's a big bummer because she actually likes gym class.

I needed some new makeup and stopped in Ulta tonight and I kind of love being the busy lady who just wants someone to tell her what to buy, especially when I know the beauty sales associates want to push whatever they're being pressured to sell. And it's always the good stuff anyway. I'm in.

Tonight just being silly I signed "Love, Mommy" in an email to Carter and omg I miss being called Mommy. I don't remember when Ivy stopped saying it, and she's the last... All those years we didn't want to be called Mommybloggers.... um... you can call me that anytime now.

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