November 10, 2017


I missed a day. Oops. It happens.

I didn't leave the middle school until almost 9pm last night, just me and the janitors. Our grand opening of the student store is Tuesday during lunch and I can't get back in there until Tuesday morning. I want it to look perfect! As my muscle memory kicked in from my "denim wall" and t-shirt folding days of retail, I made sure every spirit wear sweatshirt and tee was showing the logo just right on the shelf, and that they were in size order of course.

I would snap out of my obsession briefly with flashes of remembering that the kids aren't going to notice my perfect folds, they don't care about that kind of stuff. But then I was sucked back in, making everything just so. Yes I want it to be fun for them but also I want them to feel special about this cool space, that we care enough about them to make it look like a real store. For them. I don't need anyone to notice but myself, and I'm taking quite a bit of pride in it.

Today the kids are off school and I didn't get out of bed until okay so maybe I'm still kind of in bed. It's the first day in a very long while that we haven't been go go go since morning. It's nice. Tonight I'm unashamed about my excitement for a mom's night out to see Bad Moms Christmas and then drinks and cheap apps after the show. Um, yes. I am all about this cliché. And so deserving.

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  1. Catching up on your blog is an enthusiasm infusion. I love you.


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