November 11, 2017


I'm coaching Ivy's OBOB team (Oregon Battle of the Books) and heard that a 5th grade team always wins. Well, third grade is coming for you, fifth graders!

Ivy and I plan to read all 16 books together. Tonight she read Wild Wings aloud while I knitted all snuggled beside her. It felt like a Little Women moment, if only there had been a fire in the fireplace.

This morning at the Voz Hispana session the students announced that they are preparing a pot luck for the volunteers at next week's class as a thank you and early Thanksgiving celebration. Pupusas have been promised, and enchiladas and mole, and probably a bunch of other delicious things I've never tried or heard of. I am extremely excited for next Saturday I can not even contain it!!!

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  1. Go Ivy and Third graders...She can read to me next week...can't wait!!


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