November 12, 2017

No Probllama

I spent this afternoon shopping with Molly and we bought wrapping paper and odds and ends and when we walked into World Market the first thing I saw was a llama pillow I just had to have. It would match my living room for the holidays oh and also it says "No Probllama." 

But it was $29.99 and not on sale and I just can't spend that much on a pillow with words. So we went about our shopping and learned that special golden llamas had been hidden in the store and we if found one we would win a gift card. Well then. I think we must have searched that store for a good hour. We gave up like three times. But we couldn't bring ourselves to check out yet and finally there was a gold llama waiting for me, hidden on the floor. It was worth $50! Yes I bought the pillow.


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