November 4, 2017

Help I've Volunteered And I Can't Get Up

It started out small. Earlier this year the elementary school PTA needed someone who knew Wordpress to help with their site. I can do that. The Listen To Your Mother National Project was coming to an end and all my work on there was through Wordpress. Also when you've blogged for eighty years you come to know your way around a website dashboard anyway. I am not going to lie, I thought this was a cheater way to "volunteer" without having to leave my house.

Through Facebook I heard about a local group who created a social change conference for women and their allies -- how could I not be involved? I'll work a table, sure I'll be in charge of your social media.

School began this fall and I found myself helping in the library on Mondays and being the first to sign up for field trips and suddenly I'm going to PTA meetings on weeknights? Working the book fair every single day. I'm in charge of ordering the school t-shirts and taking over the middle school student store and YES of course I'll coach Battle of the Books! Who am I? I left the house!

I left the house. And I liked it. I love it?

Funny how I felt like I wasn't fitting in here, not finding my people but it was okay because I found out more about myself in the process, but also, admittedly it's a little hard to meet people when you never put yourself in situations... with other people. And through meeting people I heard about things, got invited to things, and could invite them to my things. And that's how I ended up doing something I love so much -- today I taught my first U.S. citizenship class for Voz Hispana, a local volunteer-run group that teaches the 100 citizenship test questions to immigrants in English and Spanish. Now, I don't know any Spanish, and am embarrassed about how much I am learning about our country's civics in the process, but I can help them with answers in English, and with pronunciation. And I can show up for two hours every Saturday. How could I not?

I see my time so differently now -- every moment I'm awake and alive, is it being put to good use? Ok, not every moment but the good energy moments. And again, because I know this might not last, I want to make the most of it. Because I know what it's like when this feeling is gone the value feels even greater when it's here right now. And gosh I hope it lasts.

Today I took a turn running the class along with an interpreter and I am still buzzing from the good vibes. I always leave those classes feeling lighter and happier. It's awesome serving and taking action in a way that is so full of hope. I love helping at my kids' schools but that's kind of for them. This is for me.

TL;DR So I've volunteered to the max, my day planner is puh-lannned out sometimes every single hour of the day and night. But as of right now, it's working, the timing is right, and so I'm going to show up.


  1. Inspiring. Love to see how you are spending your days in this new phase of your life (no babies). ;)

  2. I love that you are helping out where you can! I know it's so appreciated.

  3. Love this and so happy you are making a difference..


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