November 5, 2017

Cue "It's So Dark Outside Now!"

Apparently one hour can pack quite a punch. It's dark when it's only dinnertime and I feel like winter suddenly came in with a thud. I'll adjust, but I can totally see why people start listening to holiday music in secret right about now -- it is how we cope with the darkness. Please people put up your colored lights now so I have something to look at in the pitch black as I drive by.

Ivy and I went to two plays this week and after the one today she asked when the next one is. She is the best seat mate and such a pro. She went down to the pit on her own to chat with the conductor during intermission.

I had a validating revelation while watching today's performance - these actors and singers were really good, and I didn't feel my usual regret for not auditioning. I felt like, you know, they have this covered. I'm not needed here. In a good way, like if you think of it how we're all in this together, we're all one, that grateful warmth that washes over you when you just get it.


  1. Your attitude is always like a ray of sunshine. (Ivy's too!)

  2. What Melisa said. Over and over and always.

  3. What Melisa said too....I am so happy for you and Ivy sharing these precious memories together...xxoo I look back at when the 3 of us went to The Lion King and how special that time was...


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