November 1, 2017

Blog Is Not Dead.

Knitting in the car line (sing it to the tune of Smoking in the Boys Room) (sorry)

Let there be life! Blogging is making a comeback, at least here, daily in November. It might just be what I did that day, but it's writing and I have got to let it breathe again.

I'm knitting and blogging again-- it's like it's all 2007 up in here!

So, I'll just start with today. Ivy's class had a field trip to see a musical preview at the high school. Immediately after that I went to work on setting up the student store at the middle school (Cougar Cave grand opening soon!) and was able to stop and see what Gray was up to during lunch at Zoology Club (imagine a room full of aquariums of reptiles and rodents... and middle schoolers eating their lunch. ANYWAY they are having fun.) PS I had to come back and add that Gray told me on the way home from school that "it's just mice, mom, I didn't think I needed to wash my hands and oh the leopard gecko kept licking my lunch bag!" So.

After that I zipped back to the elementary school to see if the laminator was back up and running and IT WAS (I jammed it yesterday and then someone else jammed it today, so I didn't feel as bad) and I got my little project finished finally.

I did a lot of other stuff in the middle there, like a PTA thing and a Costco trip and picking up/dropping off/picking up the people aka my kids. And just now I finished creating the school t-shirt order form and completed a giant essay about five different types of government I mean Gray did, totally, and I feel like I've basically gone back to middle school every night, using my brain.

Let's do this, November!


  1. I love you so much!! We are inhabiting our Cougar Caves anew!

  2. I don't know how you keep everything in your life straight! You're amazing.

  3. So glad you're back for November (and beyond?). I'll read every post. #loyal


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