November 6, 2017

Big Toe

"Look I made a heart with my hospital bracelet, mom." Of course she did.

I took Ivy to get her big toe an x-ray today. She stubbed it coming down the stairs (too fast, as always, she has been warned before!) and I thought it was just your run of the mill toe stub until hours later when I looked at it again. Yikes.

Being a good mother I had an internal anxiety party until it was decided I should call the pediatrician as soon as they opened this morning. To be safe they suggested an x-ray and tomorrow we'll see the doctor for the results. What can you do for a broken toe anyway? But still, I don't want to do anything to dash her dreams of playing professional soccer someday. Couldn't take the risk. SO, this is what we do for a big toe.

Before all that, I had a pretty great plan for my day. Nothing got done in the end. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

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