December 11, 2016

December days

We have a large spider that has been hanging out on her web for months now in the corner of the garage. I check on her every time I go in and out, partly because I want to see that she's doing okay and also if she wasn't there then WHERE IS SHE. This morning I searched "what do spiders do for fun?" and then it suggested we stop trying to assign people feelings to animals. Also, they don't move unless they have to respond to something, to conserve as much energy as possible. Sounds good to me.

December got off to a pretty good start. We went to Seattle and Noah is officially in remission. It took us over two years to get to this point, so we are relieved yet a bit too tired to celebrate. It was a bit anticlimactic to hear it from his doctor, to be honest, but maybe the haze will clear and we'll feel the excitement eventually. He must still continue with infusions and medication as normal, but at least we are out of the danger zone, he's not in pain, and he's starting to grow again.

Snow on the trees, view from school pick up.

We had a snow day last week! For the first time since we left Ohio almost four years ago we saw snow fall. It only snowed a little bit, but school was cancelled for one day- mainly because of ice. We live on a mountain annnnd the mail carrier couldn't even get up our road.

This is the kids' last week of school until after New Year's. I am so ready. We have almost all of our gifts wrapped and under the tree or on their way to family. We have a full week of Cats rehearsals, a school concert, and robotics ahead. Then, we will conserve our energy under blankets with sugar cookies and holiday movies and no other plans.


  1. Do you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle for those snowy mountain roads? Good thing you grew up learning to drive in snow. There are places in Oregon where they don't plow the passes until spring. That's how we got to Bandon. We thought we could go over a pass near the Rogue River but it was snowed in; so we had to go back to Grant's Pass to go south through California and then up to Bandon.

  2. I love your love for creatures big and small.....We will have a remission party when I come in Feb. This thrills me so much to know that my Noah buddy is doing so well and will probably be taller than me the next time I see him. The picture is so beautiful...I know how excited you all must be to see snow.....Your schedule sounds like a fun one...relax and enjoy!


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