November 23, 2016

Turkeys United

Hoo mama I got a lot done today. I made the kids a wonderful waffle & bacon breakfast while I enjoyed a Bloody Mary for myself thankyouverymuch. I made three pies, the green bean casserole, lunch and dinner, and have a clean kitchen at the end of it all.

I only lost one Pyrex to an explosion in the sink, which is not bad for this year and thankfully it wasn't in the oven and didn't have food in it. I recalled a time when I was little and washing my Mom's Visions cookware and one of them shattered. I can't remember if I just thought she was going to accuse me of doing it on purpose so I could get out of doing the dishes or if she actually did think that. From what I can remember, it happened totally innocently. 

Tomorrow I'm going to make Grandma's coffee cake recipe for breakfast and possibly more Bloody Marys while I get the turkey ready. Everything else is pretty easy. I'm kind of looking forward to the supersized newspaper that will arrive early full of ads -- no plans to leave the house to shop but I'll see if there's anything good. Otherwise it will be eating and knitting and more eating all the day long if we get our way. I try not to bring it up or let my mind linger but we'll never forget the holidays we've spent in the hospital, namely The One Thanksgiving that would change our lives forever so many years ago. It's easy to find out what you're thankful for when you come near losing what matters the most. I miss my family and friends, yes. but I'm so thankful for who I'm with tonight at home, and tomorrow. 

P.S. Ivy has an important message, from the Turkeys. 

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  1. I can't remember the Visions cookware big deal. Love Ivy's Turkey message...


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