November 17, 2016

Today was... a day

This morning I worked in the school library (covering new books with a protective coating, a nice quiet kid-free way to volunteer each week) until it was time for a special assembly on kindness. Gray was selected to participate in the Eagle Eye Action Team, a news crew type bunch who report on kindness around school. They showed their first video interviewing students and school staff on what being kind means to them. Yeah I teared up.

I had a little over an hour until I needed to be back to the school to help serve the turkey hot lunch. My kids pack their lunch but it was fun working in the cafeteria. 

After school it was a mad rush getting Gray to drum lessons (where we learned the music store was going out of business and the instructor needed to find a new practice studio...) then we zoomed home to take Carter to the pediatrician (twice in one week! What is up, teenagers??) where I was certain they were going to find wax build up to blame for his stuffy ear but nope, it's an ear infection.

After some craniosacral therapy thing and some Flonase we literally ran out of the dr's office (I mean literally and I didn't let Carter put his shoes on until we got to the car) because we had five minutes to drive the ten minutes home and get Ivy to her school choir concert for which we were totally late. I found the last parking spot, and someone graciously offered me the last folding chair in the very last row of the gym. By then I didn't even care. I didn't need to see the cute kindergarteners or 1st grade- I've been to one too many of these things. I just stood up when the second grade sang and squinted in Ivy's direction and hightailed it out of there as soon as she was dismissed.

When I walked in the door Carter was standing there looking ready to go somewhere and my heart sank, my body almost went weak as I remembered he needed to go to Home Depot for class project materials and then Jeff said he was going to take him and life went on.

Oh PS Ivy is in the Kitten Crew! She made the cast of Cats! 

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