November 30, 2016

The last day of November

This is our kitchen nook, the little happy place I see when I stand at my stove. 

I have been operating with a great sense of urgency about buying all the Christmas gifts on my list and then I realized it wasn't even December yet. We have several wrapped and under the tree already, and I feel confident that I'll be done pretty soon, and that feels like a relief even though I don't know why. I don't usually feel the need to get it all done so soon, I don't mind waiting until life around us is in more of a Christmas-sy mood, but this year has me like this.

I only have a couple things on my Christmas wish list and I guess it makes me that person: I want for my friend's daughter to not have cancer, I would like a different president-elect, and I wish for my family to be in good health. And world peace. Not to be picky but I would love for our country to be at peace, full of kindness and understanding and love.

Along with most of my friends, I am so very ready for 2016 to be over. A new start, new decade for me never sounded so good. I am thankful that we are closing out this year with my family in the same house, that's very nice. The togetherness here is a good thing, I feel like when we're not running around we can actually put our feet up and take our minds off things.

This Friday Noah and I head up to Seattle for a check-up and infusion and we have hopes that we can get something in place to move his infusions closer to our house. It would be pretty amazing to only have to drive to Seattle a couple times a year vs. every 8 weeks.

It's funny because I thought as fall faded away here that it would be less pretty, but that is the opposite. As the leaves fall I can see Christmas lights on the mountain, when I drive down our hill -- or anywhere around town, really, I can see snow-capped peaks. There are new birds and a rain we fall asleep to every night. We are adjusting to the cold temps again, it's been years since we needed coats and gloves! The kids are still trying to get away with just their hoodies but I think they'll be giving in soon.

I know I said I was done with 2016 but I just decided that now is just as good a time as ever to have a fresh start. I welcome you, December 2016. Show up and be awesome.


  1. You have a great perspective. I've been dreading December, but now I too hope it can show up and be awesome.

  2. I love your breakfast nook...I would love to sit at that table and drink one of your special teas and some madeleine cookies...soon...I sorta feel like you do in hurrying and getting the shopping done and presents wrapped...It's a good feeling to be ahead of the game. I too wish for healing for our loved ones instead of gifts. I'm ready also for December to show up and be awesome!

  3. Yes, December show up and be awesome!


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