November 8, 2016

Sunday Monday we made it to Tuesday

"Are you Ivy's mom?" I have been asked this several times while helping out at the school - at the book fair, field trip that we will not speak of again, health screening, and now Jogathon all this week. I will ask how did they know and they will say, "your necklace."

A while back Ivy and I started wearing BFF-style necklaces that I found on etsy, a half sunshine for each of us. We rarely take them off, and when I tuck her into bed she likes to put them together as we kiss goodnight.

I feel like now that life is on an upswing at school with the new smaller classes, I am able to see the good things that I was blind to before. The health screening day was pretty organized and went smoother than I thought it would, the Jogathon has been super fun and I am starting to get to know some of the kids, and I appreciate the great energy and positivity from the school staff. Maybe everyone is in better moods now that their load has been lightened a little bit. I'll take it, and I'm going to be sure to keep noticing the good.

So, today is Election Day and I feel strangely calm. Here in Oregon we are vote by mail, so no polls for us. I quietly dropped my ballot into the blue box inside the gas station near our house. The kids wondered on the way to school today what would happen if a different President is chosen from what we hope, and I reminded them that we would not move to Canada like a certain kid keeps bringing up -- we will not run away from it, we will be sure to dig in and fight harder for those who would be left behind and who will really need our help. We will love and support the voices who need to be heard and cared for.

My parents always taught and encouraged me to be and do anything I dreamed... and I continue to do so. I've found that it takes a lot of lessons and often changing minds and view points - especially my own. There is still so much to see and so many more ways to be changed. My vote is so that my children can be who they truly are, and that they can do anything they dream. My vote is for my dearest LGBTQ family and friends, friends and future family and leaders who are People of Color, and for a more loving, accepting United States. As this painful election cycle has shown... America, you need a woman to look after you.

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