November 10, 2016

Mercury is not in Retrograde

I'm not feeling the optimism today. My eye has been twitching for a couple days now, the upper right eyelid and it seems to be getting worse, not better. And I'm constantly blinking away tears because I feel so sad right now.

Every now and then I have to google "is Mercury in Retrograde?" Yesterday I burned my arm something fierce with my curling wand, today while preparing my lunch I got the glass container my soup was in stuck inside the bowl I was going to eat it in which ended up splattering hot autumn squash soup all over my hand and clothes. Side note, I have made that squash soup (a rendition of Panera's similar to this recipe- I usually roast acorn squash and butternut and I don't do the puree, I also don't blend it, just mash it) more this past fall than ever. Comfort foods, ahoy!

Alas, Mercury is not in Retrograde. I just need to sit still for more than a minute.

I did get out of volunteering for the school Jogathon yesterday because one of my kids has an infected thumb wart and had to see the doctor.

Another bright spot is that last week I did some online shopping and little did past Steph know, but present Steph really needed that delivery of cozy sweaters today. Ahhhh. I think I'm going to wrap up and hide inside them for a while.


  1. You are going to get so much SEO from "infected thumb wart," I just know it. ;) Enjoy your sweaters.

  2. Big giant wooly hugs your way, sweet friend. XOXO

  3. And I have to say that avoiding social media and the news and the radio and all the voices right now. It seems to help. I can't quite find the courage to hear about the first hundred days or plans or any of it right now. Lots and lots and lots of nature. And several warm cups of tea. I love you and miss you. XO

  4. Virtual hugs, friend. And I am definitely going to make that soup.

  5. I'm sure your mother told you that there would be days like that where every thing goes wrong. When that happens, meditate, pray, take a walk or a hot sudsy bath.

  6. Your title made me giggle a little ... but your post made me just relate a lot.


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