November 22, 2016


This morning it was hard to get moving. I started listening to the Making Oprah podcast (thanks, Jen!) and that was an unexpected joy. I shopped for a replacement water filter for the fridge ... so exciting I know... the guy at Sears had a bad attitude and was super NOT HELPFUL and rude. He did offer - in an annoyed manner - to order what I needed but I was like - "Nope, I'll go to Home Depot or do Amazon Prime," dude. See ya. Found it at Home Depot, btw.

I helped out in Ivy's class for hours today, melting and stirring caramel for caramel apples. I kind of found some Zen moments in stirring over and over and over (I have a blister to prove it). It was the first time I was able to observe her new class and I was pleasantly surprised at how calm the room was, and how happy and well behaved the kids were. I love her new teacher. I found myself wondering, as I stirred and stared into the caramel swirls, if she could be my friend. Maybe she wants to come over for Thanksgiving and/or move in downstairs... but turns out her family is nearby and she's got plans for the holidays so I didn't bring it up.

After school I was trying to rest and started thinking about when the kids were little and all toddler-y and warm and needy and so I called Ivy into my room and asked her to snuggle with me under the covers until we had to start dinner. To my sad discovery she doesn't remember sleeping with me every night as a newborn until she was three or four years old. She said she doesn't remember anything about being a baby except for being born- she apparently remembers that.

I'm hoping we all get to sleep in a little tomorrow. Eventually I need to start on the pies and green bean casserole that I like to make ahead. Other than that we are going to take cover from the rain and maybe do some more snuggling.

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  1. So happy Ivy remembers being born cause that was one of my favorite memories ...


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