November 4, 2016

In The Current

Welp, I already failed #NaBloPoMo by the 3rd day. I had good intentions and will try to keep up from now on. Yesterday I was just tired beyond words. I don't know how I pushed through, but I did. I managed to get Gray to drum lessons after school, make dinner, send Carter to Robotics, and attend Taste of Albany with Jeff. (The mashed potato balls from Cellar Cat were my favorite, and the pineapple cider from Growler Garage.)

All our late nights from World Series watching and then the final WIN FOR THE CUBS have caught up with us... needless to say we are all looking forward to getting that extra Daylight Savings hour this weekend.

Currently, this is the view from my living room couch. I praised myself for the good idea to stop at Starbucks after school drop off (it depends on traffic and which way I turn out of the parking lot- today I chose wisely). The next layer in this photo represents the laundry my kids have been told to "just dig in there until you find something" for the past two days. I plan to get that all sorted and put away eventually. Behind the laundry baskets are the two gerbil cages on the floor. I need to take them back upstairs. We had to separate them because they decided to try to kill each other and I wish we could get the full story on that. I'm thinking Mocha said something to piss Smokey off but we may never know.

I don't even know what is on the dining table. Board games left over from company visiting, binoculars, Halloween decor needing to be stored away, more laundry. I still love my new tablecloth so I should make sure it's visible again... also that window. My favorite part of this house.

My plan for today was to just sit here and work while listening to podcasts -- and that would be resting for me, but I think I need to do something about this laundry and the kitchen that won't be making it into pictures anytime soon... and I need to go to Target and it's early release at school, then haircuts for a couple kids. Any-way.


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