November 18, 2016

Getting Stuff Done

Things were achieved today! I took a shower, even did my hair and all that. I shopped for almost our entire Thanksgiving meal and desserts plus this weekend's meal of tacos, fajitas, and rice. I even made room in the freezer for the turkey.

The elementary kids had early pick-up so we slipped in a birthday card and gift run (Gray has a birthday party to attend this weekend) before picking up Noah and Carter. From there, Noah got a hair cut. THEN it was Subway for dinner. I can't do everything.

Ivy and I attended Corvallis High School's fall play, A Wrinkle In Time. It was awesome.  It will be exciting to see her up on that stage in a few months.

We came home late but not too late to clean out the gerbil and hamster cages. Everyone has a clean place to sleep tonight.

In the morning we are working the pancake breakfast for Carter's Robotics team. It checks off our required parent volunteer hours and also PANCAKES.

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