November 20, 2016


Ivy and I went in search of more yarn as soon as the craft stores opened. We of course stopped for coffee and a scone along the way (iced latte for me and a vanilla steamer with cinnamon for her.) Carter had Robotics and then we dropped Gray off at a birthday party nearby. My little shopping partner and I ran a few more errands and even painted some pottery before having to pick the boys up again.

Tonight we watched The Brady Bunch (The Not So Ugly Duckling) while I combed her hair after her shower. She figured out the plot within seconds, just by the way Clark looked at Marcia and how Jan looked at them both. Also, Alice is her favorite because "she is hilarious."

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  1. So glad Ivy loves the Brady Bunch as much as I do and she is so smart to figure it out...So sad that Momma Brady passed during Thanksgiving.


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