November 19, 2016


We pancake breakfasted and had a fun time working the event. When we got home I finished a Christmas gift and then sorted through boxes in the storage room for decorations -- it took me three separate times to locate our tree. I was certain the movers must have lost it or hidden it somewhere but finally found it! I moved all the Christmas decor to the guest room until after Thanksgiving. Then we will deck the house.

I'm really looking forward to next week. I wish the kids were off more days but I'm glad they only have to go on Monday & Tuesday. If I get my wish, we won't leave the house after that for several days!

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  1. Our schools are closed all week. Are your kids in a Charter School where parents have to be more involved than they are in the regular schools? Remember to squeeze in some time for YOU!! You're doing great to get so much done with so much to do!


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