November 1, 2016


Okay, I tried the private blogging thing and that's not going to work. It didn't allow me enough readers and my own Dad couldn't log in and so, anyway, I'll save all the private stuff drafts for the book I write someday.

So, I finally was able to get the scoop on Skelly. He didn't have a name, but our neighbors said Skelly is kind of a great name so it might stick. It was a Costco purchase a couple years back and they never took him down. He does a good job watching over the curve on the road. We all had a good laugh, and I have permission to stop and take a pic with my skeleton friend one of these days.

This Halloween was the first time Noah and Carter didn't go trick or treating with us. They had school and Ivy and Gray were off. We trick-or-treated in downtown Corvallis with our family (Aunt Lois is visiting with cousin Steph and her awesome girlfriend Sarah -- I don't want them to leave and am trying to convince them to just move in with us.) We didn't even attempt to find a neighborhood to go to at night-- it didn't seem like a big deal and the less candy the better, probably... although I did promise to get in on the clearance candy action at the stores today.

We have had some over-crowded classroom elementary school headaches (literal headache in my head right now) but it appears to be working out. I'm hoping I can give an update on that soon.

Video posts are starting up again at Listen To Your Mother. Here's a favorite I chose for today.

It's the last day our family is here and we're going to make the most of it, ending with a Cubs win tonight!

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