October 13, 2016


I was worried that I'd be leaving the night sky and stars behind when we left Bandon -- the town opted for dark sky light fixtures to avoid nighttime light pollution, giving us pitch black evenings and gorgeous bright stars. But here in the forest we have the darkest nights I've ever (not) seen. Like, can't see a couple feet in front of your face. If I need to go to the mailbox or take the garbage cans up too late you will find me clapping my hands the whole way up our driveway and back just in case any wild creatures are out there. I have no idea if clapping does anything but alert them to my presence but hopefully they stay away.

One of the first nights we were here this past summer I had to make a late grocery run. On my way home I was still unfamiliar with the roads and on alert for deer so I was driving super slow. As I turned a curve toward our street my headlights slowly scanned over a yard, where there was a tree and a fence... and a skeleton looking right at me.

Had it been this time of year maybe I would not have been so freaking startled, but it was the middle of summer!

I didn't tell anyone until the next time we were all on a drive after dark. I drove them past and told them to watch for Skelly. Yeah I named it. And not a day goes by that we don't drive by and say "Hi, Skelly." Ask anyone who has come to visit us. They know Skelly.

I think Skelly is my first and only friend here.

Yesterday when I drove by, a little girl was getting the mail at Skelly's house. It was a girl who is on Ivy's soccer team- the coach's daughter! This revelation is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in weeks.

I can not wait to find out more about Skelly's story at the game on Saturday.

October 4, 2016

Going Private

Outside my bedroom door.

I'm going to start blogging again. To write the things I want to write I'm going to make my blog private. If you'd like to keep reading, please send me a message.