August 1, 2016

Up In The Air


We just got in from a family trip to Louisiana late last night and Ivy's already off to dance camp this morning. It's just how we do. This is the summer of fast forward and pause at the same time. I kind of love it.

So, we did it. We made it. We are moved and we are here. Mostly unpacked, still finding the right new places for old things. I'm waiting to put nails in the walls until my parents come to visit in a few weeks. My dad helped me hang stuff in our last house and maybe it's our thing now.

We've only been here a little over a month and already checked off: two Seattle trips, orthodontist appointments, new doctors, finding a hair stylist, theater camp, having friends over for dinner, overnight guests, launching over 500 new LTYM videos, joining a CSA, discovering new animal friends - mostly deer who like to sleep under our back porch (!?!?), and making seven thousand trips to Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, Trader Joe's, and Costco. Also Ivy and I are now official experts at putting together Target bar stools and chairs, if you're in need.

I am waiting for all of this to stop feeling new. Already this place doesn't smell like other people's houses every time I open the door, so I know I'm close.

In the grand scheme of things I feel stronger. Despite the challenges our family faces at our baseline, we are happy and things are actually going so well right now that it tends to spin me out on a daily basis, but I'm trying to enjoy both the ride and the destination even if it means I have to close my eyes to even see where we're going.


  1. Deer under your deck is a whole lot better than a skunk or 2. One year our neighbor had a garter snake family under hers. The good part about moving is that you cull all the stuff you really don't need each time you move, stuff you would otherwise stash in the basement. Plus now you get to have Jeff home all the time.

  2. So very glad to hear you are all settled in and that things are going well! Yay for new beginnings!!

  3. I completely understand. Sometimes you need to just close your eyes, ignore the spinning, and enjoy the ride, surrounded by love.

  4. Where did you move? I'm definitely beginning to think of your family as pacific northwesterners - even though you called the midwest home for so long. ;)


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