January 7, 2016

Closing Time

The house is getting listed again. We were on a break for a bit but it's time. New year, new plan. It's gotta work. Otherwise I'm more convinced this town has a powerful force that refuses to let us leave. Which could possibly be more truth than science fiction.

We all seem to have more oomph in our step and are powering through closets and under beds with motivation. The kids decided to "organize" their closets so now Gray is trying to convince me that his two sizes too small fleece hoodie fits just fine, all zipped up and squashing his head. And of course organizing to them is pulling absolutely everything out of the closet and onto the floor and leaving it there while they play with long forgotten Nerf guns and old Halloween masks.

I think this time it's going to work, I dare hope the house sells quickly. We still don't really know where we'll go from here - a rental? Something that fits us all and is in the school district I want? We're a little sore about buying another house, but who knows what's next. Blind or open-eyed, I don't think it matters in the end.


  1. We are in a similar boat...except for 30 days this past fall, our house has been on the market since August of 2014! I packed away Christmas things last year, mentally preparing to put them up in a new house. As I packed them away this year I decided to not mentally prepare for anything. Just trying to enjoy the now!

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  4. I think it's gonna work too this time. I can picture Gray in the squishy headed hoodie...

  5. Oh Gray... my heart!!! I have to say... that after our house was on the market for five years and our kids all shared a bath towel, so that the towels in the bathroom hung straight in case a buyer stopped by... I kid you not... we eventually figured we weren't meant to move. We were fine with that, we live on the outskirts of a beautiful city. And then our car broke down, exploded actually... and we didn't have a car for two years - walked everywhere!!! And I realized that God meant for me to be right at the kitchen table... if folk wanted to see me they were meant to come over. It was a hard lesson and took nearly eight years for me to learn - but I have got it now, and we have a car again... but I am not venturing anywhere anytime soon!!! Just saying hang in there... sometimes when doors don't open they might actually be closed... and that it is really ok if they are, life does go on, even if it isn't the life you imagined. Sending tons of love... and hoping that things eventually just fall into place for you all.


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