November 4, 2015

full of happy trees

The tiredness brings tears to my eyes. Just a couple good sleeps and I'll be okay, I think. These last couple months of the year are hard for many because they carry the weight of all the months before, and have less light to find the rest of the way out. 

Six times I've driven us up to Seattle since January, seven before the year is over, with even more specialists to see. It's par for the course by now, so many years of this. But I can feel the bitterness settling in and I hate it. I hate that we have to deal with this and hate that I legitimately have something to hate. 

Everything else is mostly good, there's always a bright side. Even those eight-hour drives... this last one was breathtaking- the colors, the rivers, the mountains - it was like we were inside a living Bob Ross painting full of happy trees. We have no clue where we're going to live, still. But there's no point in stressing about it today. That's pretty much a daily reminder to myself.

We got through another month of school, soccer, and everything that happens in between. Family came to visit, Halloween was magical, and I was glad we got to spend it in Bandon. 

Poison Ivy & Harry Potter
Poison Ivy and her pal Harry Potter aka Jack.


  1. I hate that you are going through so much and I'm not close by to help you go through it with you. I love your attitude. I love this picture so much. Poison Ivy's hair is awesome!

  2. I'm sorry. Its so much to deal with. You have every right to feel bitter.
    But your ability to focus on the good, dwell instead on the positive, is a wonderful blessing. Fingers crossed for so much good ahead.

  3. I came hear to grab a link, and caught up on your beautiful photos and wisdom/words. Love you SEE YOU TOMORROW OMG.


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