September 2, 2015

the hum

I do feel lighter today. I hardly slept last night but it wasn't dreadful. Just a fitful sleep and sounds of rain that I was happy about. We had to be up early to get to Ivy and Carter's dentist appointment out of town. It was nice to get home and have the rest of the day to get things humming along. The school supplies are sorted and put in the appropriate backpacks, extras are neatly stored in the closet. The laundry is drying, the dishwasher takes its turn. I actually had the headspace to get Ivy's birthday party scheduled and even started to plan the food. Most of her gifts have now been bought. And I'm truly looking forward to the Seattle drive this weekend. I have been hoarding podcasts to listen to and can't wait to drink up the views along the way. We may not be moving house but we're certainly moving forward and that is a really good thing.

(day eighty five)

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  1. The Seattle drive is a beautiful one for sure. I pray you have a safe trip and clear your mind.


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