September 15, 2015

She is Seven


Seven seems big. I have been kind of sad about it, but not a bad sad, just a little sweet melancholy mixed with mostly a lot of happy. Seven years of Christmas morning every day with her, such a gift.

Cranberry Festival 2015

Ivy and Autumn

Zebra butterfly sea star, Port of Bandon 2015 Boardwalk Show

Ivy had the ultimate birthday weekend celebration. The Cranberry court on Friday night, riding with the newly crowned queen in the parade on Saturday morning, getting an honor for her artwork on the boardwalk. She had a friend party on Sunday- it was a blast. There were presents and candles and cupcakes (and two cakes today!) She starts dance and soccer this week, and family is arriving tonight for a visit! Life is good!

7th birthday


  1. Looks like she had an amazing Birthday Celebration! I could almost hear the giggles from her and her friends. So happy for Ivy, being able to experience so many fun things at only 7 years old. Enjoy your company!

  2. Seven is a great age for a birthday - old enough to really enjoy it and young enough to be really play and be silly & funny. It's also a good one for parents to enjoy. You really can't do anything wrong and everything you do is wonderful. I'm sure Ivy will remember this birthday forever!

  3. Love her! Happy birthday to you both! (The pointed toe kills me)

  4. Wow. I guess this means I've been reading your blog for seven years now :). That's worth a quick comment! Sweet girlie.

  5. I cannot believe your sweet baby girl is seven!!! Not ever... how can it possibly be... huge happy birthday to her and your mother's heart... I have so enjoyed reading your summer story well done for keeping at it the whole way through!!!


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