September 5, 2015

Notes from the infusion cabana

Notes from the infusion cabana.

The drive up was beautiful and easy until the beast that is Tacoma. I can't even with Tacoma. But soon after there is my friend Seattle shining her toothy grin and it's all worth it and we have arrived. 

Veins can only do so much and get to be uncooperative at times... every few rounds we catch them in a mood. It can set a tone for the rest of the day but we got through it and cleaned up and enjoyed the quiet, dimly lit "cabana" as Gray calls it, in an empty hospital thanks to a Saturday appointment. That meant Starbucks wasn't open on level seven but the vending machines had my favorite Honest just black tea so it was all good and now I have eight dollar coins in change which makes great tooth fairy money.

Just as we were nearing the end a thunderstorm hit. Everyone around these parts gets so excited about rain these days. I was hoping for more of a show as we headed back to the apartment but it cleared up. We made it, are so tired. Sounds like Jeff has had a great time with the other kids. Will be good to get home tomorrow.

PS I wanted to send out a special thanks to our nurses (God bless nurses!) and the nice gal who let me in on I-5 when two lanes closed suddenly (grr Tacoma!!!) 

(day eighty eight)

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  1. I have been so enjoying your posts chronicling your summer. It inspired me to do the same : ) I live in Puyallup just a few minutes form Tacoma...and boy are you right, the traffic can get CRAZY!! You get used to it though : ) Just wanted to say 'Hi'!


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