September 7, 2015

Maybe it's what I needed

I think I must have miscounted or numbered a day wrong, but here we are, the night before the first day of school. As I drove home yesterday I had the sinking feeling that I was very unprepared. Everyone has clothes that fit (aside from Gray who I discovered much too late this evening that he has no socks, remedied by older brothers with plenty of socks to spare) and all their supplies, and we found the locker combo we thought we'd misplaced, but I can't shake the thought that I'm forgetting something. It will probably wash away tomorrow when I face an empty house all day long and finally have extended time to think. I'm not forgetting - I just haven't had a moment to put more than a few thoughts together in stillness.

We're ready, though I'm anxious about the morning routine and found my mind go blank at the grocery store while shopping for lunch-packing staples as if I haven't been packing lunches for the past almost ten years. This summer wiped my memory. I'm not saying it's a bad thing because if anything I feel clearer and more awake. Maybe it's what I needed. We lived up every moment this summer, and have no regrets. That's a win.

(days eighty nine & ninety)

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  1. So glad you had such a great summer! No regrets are a good feeling to have.


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