September 1, 2015

a happy September

It's raining! This is good. This is a good, good sign for a new month, a happy September. August really did a bang up job at the end there. Yesterday was better than the day before. We still were waiting and confused and frustrated. I had some minor repairs done around the house and they cost way less than we'd planned. We spent some time at the park. Fresh air.

This morning we all headed up to Noah's eye appointment- he is going from part-time glasses to full-time with a much stronger prescription. He picked out a cool new pair. We shopped for school supplies for four kids and new shoes for four kids and then I was done. I had twenty minutes at home until Ivy needed to be at her next event. She's going to be performing on stage for Bandon's Cranberry Festival Coronation ceremony next week (her favorite babysitter ever is a contestant and she gets to be her escort.) I took a little video of their dance practice today. She... loves to dance.

I had just enough time to fix the kids dinner and get things wrapped up with our realtor (we decided to reject the offer and withdraw our house for a month or so to get our ducks in a row- I'm seeing this as a kinder card right now) before I slipped out to book club, glorious book club. It couldn't have come at a better time. I'd actually forgotten that it was tonight with all the chaos as of late and when I remembered it was like a present.

So, happy September, the rain is here! Things are off to a great start.

(day eighty-three, eighty-four)


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