September 28, 2015

the window

Ivy & Aunt Lois, Port Orford

It's never a good sign when your morning begins with a bird hitting the window. Well, I don't know for sure that it's not a good sign, I haven't looked up the meaning of it or anything, but it didn't seem like the best way to wake up and start the week. The bird didn't make it.

Now it's night and an owl is hooting right outside. I wonder if he knows. I did look up owl sounds to find that it's probably a Great Horned Owl.

Well, it's the fourth week of school and homework has kicked in, as well as tap, ballet, and soccer. The older they are, the more work they get... more papers, things to keep track of...  it feels like a lot. We are getting our routine down, though, and mornings are still going pretty great. Now we're perfecting the after-school dealio. I look forward to hearing the contents of their day tumble out as we drive to pick up the next kid, and then home. With each day I'm reminded that their lives are getting bigger without me.

I freely admit that my favorite days are when we can just come home and stay home and there are no tights or shin guards involved. Bonus if I already know what I'm making for dinner.

We're getting there. I actually appreciate the schedule and structure because I just need someone to tell us where to be. I can do that much.

Texas was a rascal, Aunt Lois loved Cherokee so much she went back to ride him again!

We did so much in the last two weeks that I can't believe it. Having family here is always so special and this time around we didn't waste one moment together. Jeff was off all that time, too, so there's been much to adjust to now that everyone's gone.

We visited low tide, saw seals, saw whales, ate at all our favorite eats in Old Town, we lost a dear pet (my sweet Pepper, the gerbil, the closest to a spirit animal I've ever known aside from my childhood pet cat Morris), we got two new pets (Snowflake and Hazel, the goofiest gerbils ever), we went horseback riding!

Soccer games start this weekend, it's going to be October!, and at some point we're going to have to move. I am loving and giving thanks for every last moment I get to spend with the ocean out my window.

Aunt Lois & Cherokee

September 15, 2015

She is Seven


Seven seems big. I have been kind of sad about it, but not a bad sad, just a little sweet melancholy mixed with mostly a lot of happy. Seven years of Christmas morning every day with her, such a gift.

Cranberry Festival 2015

Ivy and Autumn

Zebra butterfly sea star, Port of Bandon 2015 Boardwalk Show

Ivy had the ultimate birthday weekend celebration. The Cranberry court on Friday night, riding with the newly crowned queen in the parade on Saturday morning, getting an honor for her artwork on the boardwalk. She had a friend party on Sunday- it was a blast. There were presents and candles and cupcakes (and two cakes today!) She starts dance and soccer this week, and family is arriving tonight for a visit! Life is good!

7th birthday

September 9, 2015

great spirits and so am I

Day two of school has passed and I'm still signing papers. High school syllabuses (syllabi?) are not joking around. Everyone is still in great spirits and so am I.

We were notified that Ivy will be receiving an honor for her artwork at the boardwalk art ceremony after the Cranberry Fest parade this Saturday. It's been a bright spot on my week!

September 8, 2015

First Day of School 2015-2016

First Day of School 2015-2016

Well, first day of school drop off is always a little anticlimactic. Noah & Carter are in the same spot as always since the middle school and high school are right next to each other. Ivy will get out at the same place as Gray now. I parked the car and followed them to their classes (despite Ivy's suggestion that I just not.) I left feeling happy they are settled and also a little bit that's it? 

I got my iced coffee at the drive up and came home to SILENCE. 

The day went by so fast. I decided to stay close to home since it was the first day and all, and you just never know. Before I knew it, it was time to pick them up and now I have a stack of papers to read and sign and everyone is raiding the kitchen. I'm not going to lie, a moment ago I took possibly my first deep breath of the day and felt a great peace. I love having them back home. And I think we're going to have a great year, or a great however long we're here. 

Look at all those happy smiles and new shoes! (l-r) First day of HIGH SCHOOL, fourth, first, & eighth grade! Gray brought an apple for his teacher. Ivy kind of didn't want me to follow her into her class but kindly obliged. Can't wait to hear how it goes!
High school! 4th grade! 1st grade! 8th grade! 

(day ninety one!)

September 7, 2015

Maybe it's what I needed

I think I must have miscounted or numbered a day wrong, but here we are, the night before the first day of school. As I drove home yesterday I had the sinking feeling that I was very unprepared. Everyone has clothes that fit (aside from Gray who I discovered much too late this evening that he has no socks, remedied by older brothers with plenty of socks to spare) and all their supplies, and we found the locker combo we thought we'd misplaced, but I can't shake the thought that I'm forgetting something. It will probably wash away tomorrow when I face an empty house all day long and finally have extended time to think. I'm not forgetting - I just haven't had a moment to put more than a few thoughts together in stillness.

We're ready, though I'm anxious about the morning routine and found my mind go blank at the grocery store while shopping for lunch-packing staples as if I haven't been packing lunches for the past almost ten years. This summer wiped my memory. I'm not saying it's a bad thing because if anything I feel clearer and more awake. Maybe it's what I needed. We lived up every moment this summer, and have no regrets. That's a win.

(days eighty nine & ninety)

September 5, 2015

Notes from the infusion cabana

Notes from the infusion cabana.

The drive up was beautiful and easy until the beast that is Tacoma. I can't even with Tacoma. But soon after there is my friend Seattle shining her toothy grin and it's all worth it and we have arrived. 

Veins can only do so much and get to be uncooperative at times... every few rounds we catch them in a mood. It can set a tone for the rest of the day but we got through it and cleaned up and enjoyed the quiet, dimly lit "cabana" as Gray calls it, in an empty hospital thanks to a Saturday appointment. That meant Starbucks wasn't open on level seven but the vending machines had my favorite Honest just black tea so it was all good and now I have eight dollar coins in change which makes great tooth fairy money.

Just as we were nearing the end a thunderstorm hit. Everyone around these parts gets so excited about rain these days. I was hoping for more of a show as we headed back to the apartment but it cleared up. We made it, are so tired. Sounds like Jeff has had a great time with the other kids. Will be good to get home tomorrow.

PS I wanted to send out a special thanks to our nurses (God bless nurses!) and the nice gal who let me in on I-5 when two lanes closed suddenly (grr Tacoma!!!) 

(day eighty eight)

September 4, 2015


Noah and I made it to Jeff's apartment- the halfway mark to Seattle. We'll finish our journey tomorrow and come back here for one more sleep before going home. I spent most of the day doing laundry and cooking so that no one will starve while I'm gone. Not that they would if I hadn't but I will have a better time away knowing they have good food and also knowing I won't have to cook when I get home. 

Today was the first time in a long time I felt like things (what things I do not know) are aligning and that everything is going to be okay. There's a difference in knowing it and feeling it and today I really felt it.

(Day eighty seven)

September 3, 2015


back to school haircuts: check

Tonight I had really wanted to walk down to the sunset but the kids wanted to watch a movie. I'm kind of giving in to whatever they want on these last few days before school starts. The going to bed earlier this week plan never did go into effect but they're going to do just fine next week. These are the days to stay up and sleep late.

We watched Home and there aren't enough words for me to describe how much I loved that movie and the giggles it made come out of my kids. At one point Gray snuggled up with his arm around me. That right there is everything.

(day eighty six)

September 2, 2015

the hum

I do feel lighter today. I hardly slept last night but it wasn't dreadful. Just a fitful sleep and sounds of rain that I was happy about. We had to be up early to get to Ivy and Carter's dentist appointment out of town. It was nice to get home and have the rest of the day to get things humming along. The school supplies are sorted and put in the appropriate backpacks, extras are neatly stored in the closet. The laundry is drying, the dishwasher takes its turn. I actually had the headspace to get Ivy's birthday party scheduled and even started to plan the food. Most of her gifts have now been bought. And I'm truly looking forward to the Seattle drive this weekend. I have been hoarding podcasts to listen to and can't wait to drink up the views along the way. We may not be moving house but we're certainly moving forward and that is a really good thing.

(day eighty five)

September 1, 2015

a happy September

It's raining! This is good. This is a good, good sign for a new month, a happy September. August really did a bang up job at the end there. Yesterday was better than the day before. We still were waiting and confused and frustrated. I had some minor repairs done around the house and they cost way less than we'd planned. We spent some time at the park. Fresh air.

This morning we all headed up to Noah's eye appointment- he is going from part-time glasses to full-time with a much stronger prescription. He picked out a cool new pair. We shopped for school supplies for four kids and new shoes for four kids and then I was done. I had twenty minutes at home until Ivy needed to be at her next event. She's going to be performing on stage for Bandon's Cranberry Festival Coronation ceremony next week (her favorite babysitter ever is a contestant and she gets to be her escort.) I took a little video of their dance practice today. She... loves to dance.

I had just enough time to fix the kids dinner and get things wrapped up with our realtor (we decided to reject the offer and withdraw our house for a month or so to get our ducks in a row- I'm seeing this as a kinder card right now) before I slipped out to book club, glorious book club. It couldn't have come at a better time. I'd actually forgotten that it was tonight with all the chaos as of late and when I remembered it was like a present.

So, happy September, the rain is here! Things are off to a great start.

(day eighty-three, eighty-four)