August 16, 2015

to alone time

Bandon Saturday night
Our view at dinner

I spent all of Friday in the kitchen pretty much preparing food for the weekend. Two different kinds of tacos, two different kinds of chili. Corn bread. I don't have to cook again until tomorrow. So nice.

Saturday morning I went and got my iced coffee and veggies from the CSA as usual. I made a big breakfast and then we had a big Uno tournament. Later on we had a double date with friends to celebrate a birthday and then came back here for cake and ice cream, and to play Yahtzee and more Uno.

This morning I took advantage of having Jeff here for the day and slipped out by myself for some wonderful alone time. I headed up to the thrift store and then on to the grocery store where I shopped slowly and leisurely. The bay was sparkling as I drove by. Egrets were flying under the bridge. The trees were extra green. It was perfect.

Jeff's already back to his place and I've got a new knitting project and a book to read.

(days 66/67/68)

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  1. Breathtaking view. So glad you got some alone time and had such a great day! We loved getting a call from you as we were leaving the market, a place you loved to spend your Saturday mornings at...makes us feel that you are still close by....


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