August 18, 2015

the tea and cocoa drawer

We have made it to day seventy... which seems like a lot! I hope my kids have good memories of a super relaxing and easy summer. I woke this morning to the noisy garbage truck outside. I swear it gets screechier by the week, and it comes before six! Unacceptable. I couldn't get back to sleep because I had an early dentist appt anyway and might as well stay up.

Every day I organize or clean a new drawer or shelf or cabinet. Today it was the tea and cocoa drawer. It feels very big girl of me to finally have my teas all situated in their own little slots in a container. Can't wait for company to come and see it. I made sugar cookies before bed and let the kids decorate them. The kids had their bath and I combed and de-tangled Ivy's hair while we watched a Draw Me A Story episode. This is one of my favorites of our nightly routine.

I hope I can sleep in a bit tomorrow.

(day seventy)

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  1. Can't wait to visit your tea and cocoa drawer next time I come....sounds like a relaxing evening..You are such an awesome mom!


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