August 9, 2015

the closer we get


Long ago I'd scheduled all four kids for dental cleanings for this past Thursday. So that was exciting. We got through it. We had some extra time before our appointment so we hung out at the park for a bit. This seagull reminded me of my Poppal looking for four-leaf clovers.

After the big trip to the dentist we got dinner and then headed back to Bandon. Jeff came home a day early so that we could go to a blues concert in town. It did not disappoint.

Friday morning we went out for coffee and to walk around Old Town. It was like a bonus Saturday. It was nice. I took Noah for a hair cut. Things were pretty chill. I cooked some pizzas and then left for a much-needed girls night out with friends. We went out to eat at 7 Devils and it was perfect.

Yesterday we taught the kids how to play Yahtzee. Gray and Ivy rolled two Yahtzees each almost every game (and even when we played again today!) I am hoping this counts as summer math review. We make them do all the scoring themselves. We also got out the Uno cards and have been playing non-stop.

We had a showing this morning so we got the house looking all beautiful and neat and took a drive to Port Orford. It was foggy in Bandon, the sun came out as we took the 101 south and then as soon as we drove into Port Orford we were back into the fog. We stopped at our favorite stop (Langlois Market) and ate lunch outside.We headed home to play some more Yahtzee & Uno until it was time for Jeff to take off again for the week. We watched Matilda tonight- Ivy is at exactly the right age to eat every second of that movie up.

We have zero things on the calendar for this whole week and that feels wonderful. We have one month until the kids go back to school and I can already see how these days are flying by the closer we get.

((the) days (are slipping away) 58/59/60/61)

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I can see Ivy loving Matilda!


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