August 29, 2015

Still to come

Well, we got an offer on our house but no place to go. It's a frustrating space to be in. We need to move- that is the logical next step to getting on with our lives. But we want the next place to make it worth leaving here. I think the stress of it all made me physically sick and I hardly slept last night. Today was a good rest day and I think we were hoping for clarity... Still to come. 

In the meantime the crease next to my left eyebrow has moved right in and unpacked all its things. I did bake an apple crisp and peach crisp and it made things a little better. I find comfort in pulling out my Betty Crocker How To Cook Everything cookbook that my mom gave us as a wedding gift almost 16 years ago. It still beats internet recipes any day. 

Some more back to school clothes for the kids arrived today and miraculously we don't need to return anything. I'll finish up with the school supplies and a few odds and ends when we go to Seattle next weekend. Noah got his high school schedule and it's one I wish I could take! He ends his day with two art classes. It's going to be great. I think we are pretty ready. Just a little over a week left. 

(Days eighty & eighty one)


  1. is the offer equal to your asking price? Could you move to a rental place like you did in Canton until you can find a place that you really like? I think it would be so hard to move from where you are right now. It's like a dream setting - great house, the ocean, small friendly town. How can you top that? Have you accepted the offer and if so when would you have to be out? There's also the possibility that it may be a better place that you will be moving to - we can hope.

  2. I also find that baking helps with stress. Glad you are enjoying your cookbook. I am praying that things will fall into place soon.


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