August 25, 2015


The physical and mental exhaustion I feel after today is indescribable. All four kids are registered for school. The headache/sore fingers from trying to open a locker (later we would be given the correct combination) are just starting to let up. It was so tempting to declare cereal for dinner but I zombie shopped through the grocery store and made a huge and healthy meal and then collapsed for the night. Jeff was supposed to see two super potentially good houses tomorrow but they're now under contract. I'm not discouraged but kind of am, just would be nice to know where we're going to live. I'm spent. And going to bed.

(day seventy seven)


  1. Even if those houses are under contract the deal may not go through, especially in light of the market downs and fewer ups. So look at them anyway. Realtors often show under contract houses just in case of a loan that doesn't go through,etc. Rest up a trust in the right things happening.

  2. Hope you got rested up! Wish I were there for you!


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