August 20, 2015

some fortune

What does it mean?

Buddy the hamster's noisy wheel woke me up at a quarter 'til five. I couldn't get back to sleep.

I finally began our back to school shopping- two backpacks and one pair of shoes (out of four) purchased. That's about it so far but it feels like a lot. Relieved to at least get a start.

We had a showing at six and I worked on the house all day here and there, it was already pretty okay but I had the lawn service come and I even went out and did the windows. Carter said he had a feeling this could be it. I was so tired by the time we left to go to the Chinese place for dinner. It was so nice to have someone else do the cooking. I was tempted to sit by myself, with the kids at another table because I just needed the quiet and the kids, they like to talk. But I stayed awake and now we have a ton of leftovers for tomorrow and we shall see what comes of all of this. Also what does my fortune even mean?

I am just so tired. But I had a couple peaches that were going to go bad so now I'm waiting for this to be done in the oven. I double checked my calendar for tomorrow and there are zero things on it. Yes.

(day seventy two)


  1. Awe, so glad you treated yourself to a good meal and left overs to boot. I am believing along with Carter that this showing is the one too. That peach treat looks yummy. I will have to try to make it. You are for sure an Able women! And I couldn't be more proud of you. Maybe I will tell your dad to play those numbers next Lotto he buys...

  2. It might be interesting to look for things that happen that might relate to such a fortune. It may be something very unusual - like a mystery - and you may like it. Life is full of surprises.

    Wednesday we went to Terry & Jen's house to see their garden. Terry built a raised bed garden and has sugar snap peas, lettuce and other things in it and can be watered automatically. They will be going to Ecuador and Macchu Pichu soon for a month. They hope to hike into Macchu Pichu and also the climb the mountain behind it. We'll be checked on their house plants a couple times during that month. I hope he takes lots of pictures.


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