August 2, 2015

seeing the possibilities again

It's August time and even though we have several more weeks of summer vacation, a hint of fall arrived this weekend with cooler temps and another has month passed. Ivy and I headed up to Coos Bay for grocery shopping and new shoes on Saturday morning (there is literally no place in Bandon to buy shoes for her, except maybe the drug store might have flip-flops, but that's all she's been wearing anyway until I could get her proper shoes that don't have flapping soles.) We invited friends over for the day and had quite a spread- a full on veggie feast with grilled portabella & veggie sandwiches, potatoes, and dips. We played Yahtzee and Boggle well into the evening (it was so kind of them to indulge me with Boggle, probably the only game in the world I can totally smoke people at) while watching the Brooks Falls bear cam - we've all become kind of addicted!

Today was an absolutely lazy day. I'm trying to rest up after a few nights of not so great sleep. I read two books this weekend- Everything I Never Told You (loved) and The Girl On The Train (pretty good, I've thought of many different endings for it...)

I thought by now we had gotten into an easy routine with Jeff leaving for the week later in the day but today seemed more sad for me. We knew when we bought this house in a tiny town that it might take some time to sell when the time came, and I think we've been great sports about it. But I'm starting to feel that push, and I know we have to be getting closer to the right people coming along. By the end of the night, after hearing he'd arrived to his apartment safely and was settling in, I started seeing the possibilities again. We do have another showing on Tuesday.

(day fifty-three and fifty-four!)

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  1. I miss your veggie sandwiches! The possibilities are close...


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