August 13, 2015

my favorite things

Today was very nice. Coffee, library, knitting shop... my favorite things. Then it was my turn for my dental cleaning and that was... good to get over with. It's finally raining (we've had a terrible drought) and there is thunder and lightning, only about the 5th time I've heard it since we've moved. Yes, I keep count because I miss the thunderstorms of the midwest! And my anxiety has been pretty okay today but I still had to google about lightning causing wildfires as we're in high danger. Looks like it's not as common as I thought, so I won't I'll try not to worry tonight.

(day sixty-five of ninety-two days of summer vacation)


  1. Colorado usually has a lot of wildfires especially if we've had a wet spring. All the wild grasses grow tall and then dry out when the rains stop making good fuel for a fire. People like to live in the mountains but they also like to have lots of trees and vegetation close to their homes which provides fuel for a wildfire to burn. A firefighting crew from Pineville, Oregon lost their lives fighting a wildfire near Glenwood Springs, CO. There is a memorial dedicated to them. One of the times we went to Oregon was during a very long drought about 8 years. No one had any lawns. Oregon still gets more rain than we do, but this year was wet until mid June. Now we're pretty dry. I would think you'd be pretty safe from wildfires since you are so close to the water unless there's a lot of dry vegetation. When you are anxious do you call your angels to protect you? I find that does wonders for me.

    1. We've been watching the fires on the news and praying it stays clear of our loved ones. I do believe the Angels are camped around Longmont and Bandon protecting you all.

  2. We had storms last night and expected more later today....I've been watching the fires on the news...praying it stays far away from Bandon!


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