August 5, 2015

little bird

On Monday morning we found out that the showing had been cancelled for the next day, so that was kind of a relief in the way that now we didn't have to clean all day. I still did some general cleaning up and vacuuming, and Ivy reminded me of my promise to get them Dairy Queen a while back. I told her we could go after dinner. So when I checked the mail it was a nice surprise to see that Mimi had sent the kids a DQ gift card. Gray remarked "Now that's convenient!"

Little bird

Yesterday I awoke early from a horrible nightmare about Ivy and within moments she was coming into my room saying that she had a bad dream. I was so happy to have her in my arms. She had a drawing class at the art gallery in the afternoon and that's about all we did. My allergies have been making me feel so off and useless the past week or so, and I've basically just been lying around and reading.

Today was another blah morning and then we met friends after lunch at the school park. Then, just a bit ago a bird flew into our window. I heard it- it happens from time to time with our many windows and usually the bird flies away (especially if it's a black crow), unharmed. But Carter came running to tell me that it was a little bird and his wing looked broken. He couldn't get off his side. I grabbed a kitchen towel and righted him, but just held him loosely as he breathed and calmed down. His wings looked fine but he looked pretty shaken up. We moved him toward the bushes and he didn't seem to want to leave the towel. We prayed for him and spoke words of affirmation about how he was special and going to be okay. I think he could really understand us. I needed to go back inside to finish dinner, so I knelt close and said Little bird, you are such a good bird. If you need anything, just come to our window and let us know. You are going to be okay and you will be able to fly away. And he immediately just took off and flew away. It was the best thing that's happened all week, so far.

(days 55/56/57)

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  1. Awe....your prayers glad the little bird was healed. And I love Ivy's bird. She is really talented!


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