August 30, 2015

getting a win

I don't purposely let my kids win when we're playing a game but I've for sure wanted them to win sometimes, and maybe played a kinder card on them in Uno than another one I could have played, but usually only when they've had a losing streak and I just know it will lift everyone's spirits- and maybe keep good family time game playing last a little longer-  if they can just get a win.

And sometimes I need a win, too. Man it felt good to finally get a Yahtzee after everyone else kept on getting them game after game. Just now I won several games of Uno in a row with Ivy and Gray because neither of them wanted to play a Draw 4 on me.

I was hoping I would have an answer about our house by tonight but we still don't know what we're going to do, or be able to do. It all feels suddenly very rushed after things had been moving so slow for so long.

It would be great if time could stop or maybe just right itself and let me catch my breath. While we're at it, I want my kid to be healthy and normal for once. Talk about needing a break (for him and the enormous section of my heart and mind that sources the energy to keep him... well... to literally keep him.) I want the cloud of that plus house selling and house buying and then moving life and starting over to just part, even if for a week or two. Let us get started on the new school year without the other stuff creeping in to nip and poke at me.

But this is life and this is reality. People get sick, things happen, we react and deal. And sometimes we fall apart in the middle of it all and then we put ourselves together again, or someone plays a kinder card, or a little of both. We all need a win.

(day eighty-two)

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