August 26, 2015


Today I was in the car for two hours with a pretty severe headache, anxiety, and my two chattiest children. They were asking me really sweet things, so I powered through.

I was glad to get home and burrow up in our house because everyone in the outside world was just too much. From the guy riding my tail wayyy too close on 101 for the longest time even though he knew there was someone right in front of me and it was a no passing lane AND we passed a mangled guard rail from an accident yesterday as well as a police car attending to another accident, to the lady in the grocery store who rudely maneuvered in front of me and the kids who were waiting patiently for the MAN WITH A SEEING EYE DOG to pick out his eggs with the help of the grocery clerk. She tried to wheel her cart between him and his dog before the employee kindly moved the man aside. So the kids and I go when there was enough room to be polite and head down the aisle we needed. Then here comes that same lady in a hurry and she almost runs down the kids. I wanted to confront her about her horribly rude behavior so much but wanted to just get far away from her more. And I had just been going over manners with the kids minutes before. They were the best behaved humans in the place.

ANYWAY. Home now and enjoying the quiet. We have a showing tomorrow but I am sort of wishing we could just put this house on hold until we get more prospects up there because if we sell this house where in the world would we even go? I'll probably straighten up a few things and then retreat to bed with a book. Everything else is just too much right now.

(day seventy eight)


  1. That guy serious tailgating you must be from Indiana. When I drove I65 I had a truck right on my bumper...hmmm maybe he just wanted to read my bumper stickers. I wonder what's going on the the rude lady's life to make her behave so badly. Maybe she could use a prayer. Your kids certainly got a chance to see what rude behavior is like. I wonder if it would make you feel better to go out to the ocean, gather up all your unhappy feelings and throw them in the water. If that fails, stamp your feet in the sand and scream out how you feel to the ocean. Get creative. Actually the best way to get rid of bad feelings, I've found, is to go out on a long, fast paced walk, the faster the better. It does wonders for me.

  2. praying for better days and relaxation for you!


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