August 23, 2015

a four-hour game of Yahtzee

We hamster-sat Buddy's girlfriend Clover

Well the ball is off and rolling and I can't believe the productivity of getting ready for school-ness we have going on now. I think all kids officially have (multiple pairs of!) pants to wear and proper lunch bags and water bottles, thanks to online ordering on Friday. This also prompted me to designate a whole cabinet to lunch containers and gear this year. We are getting organized!

Jeff came home and we got right to the Yahtzee and Uno playing. We continued through the weekend, taking a short break to get the house ready for a showing that didn't happen (rescheduled) and then we came home, made some pizzas, and got to a four-hour game of Yahtzee- we played the whole score sheet, all 6 games at one time. It was fun and we learned a lot but four hours feels longer than four hours.

If someone had looked in our windows this weekend they would see a happy family enjoying each other. That's a great feeling.

This morning I made a big pancake breakfast and then we spent a lot of time looking at houses online. We're still super unsure where we want to live on top of having limited options in the areas we need to be. Do I want a view? Lots of land? Somewhere rural? Or maybe downtown where we can walk everywhere and have a house with character? It will probably come down to just the right house finding us, as it always does, and I do have a feeling it's going to find us soon.

(seventy three, seventy four, seventy five!)


  1. Awe...Buddy is in sweet! I bet you all dream of Yahtzee. Love your weekend!

  2. Maybe your house needs to find you before you can leave the one you are living in.


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