July 7, 2015

woo, today

Wasting time at Bullards.
Killing time at Bullards Beach

We had a showing early this morning - at the time I'm normally just thinking of getting out of bed these days- but I was up before 5 am because I heard a noise and I couldn't get back to sleep. I never did figure out what it was.

The showing went great- sounds potentially promising. This, on the heels of us expanding our search to other towns as long as the schools are great and Jeff's commute is still short(ish). So now there's more options.

Ivy had her first drawing class at the art gallery in Old Town. She loved it, of course. The weather has been unusually warm, so after dinner my friend Jeana came over to power walk the beach. It was perfect.

Tonight the kids are going to bed late... again... because we had to watch Chopped and Gray still begs for some vegetarian or vegan challenges. I hope we see one soon!

(day twenty-eight)

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  1. Glad you didn't run across a cow...Love the picture! And I pray the house showing is the one. Ivy's drawing class sounds like a lot of fun for her. Her teacher reminds me of Susie.


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